An Introduction

Hello and welcome to “Random Samplings”. About twenty years ago I supplied a monthly column to my local paper under this same title which I very much enjoyed writing and which people told me they quite liked reading. (I don’t think they were just being polite.). I have recently retired after 40 years of work and therefore have the time and the space in my brain to take up this pursuit once again. I decided to use the blog format this time as print media, alas, is pretty much dead.

So, let me give you some idea of what you might encounter should you decide to follow my blog. Well, I’ve called it “Random Samplings” because I want to write about whatever is in my head at the moment – whatever “random” thoughts come to me. These could range from current affairs to feminism to a conversation I overheard in line at the bank to a movie or live performance I enjoyed or hated. I am by nature a thinker – things, sometimes very small things, which I encounter in my life either directly or tangentially will often set off a chain reaction of questions and ideas in my head. These musings are the very stuff of which this blog will be made.

I’m guessing it’s customary for a blogger to include personal information in their introduction, but I am of the mind that who I am, where I stand and what I have experienced throughout my life will be revealed either explicitly or implicitly through my writing. My particulars are only relevant in so far as they inform what I say in the blog. If I feel my opinions will be more valid to my reader if they come from personal experience rather than from something I merely saw or have surmised, then I may choose to include information from my life. Mostly I would rather be a recognizable, hopefully interesting, but essentially disembodied voice supplying ideas for your consideration.

I look forward to taking this journey with you, and hope you will get as much from reading my posts as I know I will from writing them. Here we go…

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